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Base Fuels

"OMV Diesel", is fuel which meets Euro 5 standard, and is intended to be used in the new generation of diesel motor engines with direct fuel injection. Thanks to its composition this fuel ensures optimal engine power and more stable operation. 

Fuel produced in accordance with Euro 5 standards also significantly contributes to environmental protection because it has a lower sulfur content. With a reduction in the amount of sulfur, the possibility of corrosion in the engine is also reduced.

Unleaded gasoline OMV Gasoline 95 is fully compliant with the quality of unleaded gasoline with a research octane rating of at least 95, which is sold on the EU market.

Advance in engine design and introduction of new technologies to control greenhouse gases, only with use of OMV Gasoline 95 allows full efficiency of catalytic converters and fulfilment of Euro 5 emission standards for passenger vehicles.

The use of unleaded gasoline OMV Gasoline 95 has a positive effect on reducing harmful exhaust emissions of motor vehicles, and thus to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions caused by fuel combustion.