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OMV MaxxMotion Super 95

Super for engine and environment

The universal and long-term tried and tested gasoline for all engines. OMV MaxxMotion Super 95 an Euro 5 fuel, is sulphur-free in Austria, Germany and Serbia and possesses anti-knock properties of 95 RON (research octane rating).

The use of fuel with low sulphur content has obvious advantages by protecting the engine and to the low level of emissions of greenhouse gases.

Thanks to an additive package especially developed by OMV and included in OMV MaxxMotion Super 95, you profit from the following advantages:

  • More mileage
  • Longer engine lifespan

*Benefits are depending on the vehicle, driving style and the technical condition of the engine and refer to the comparison of fuels that meet minimum local standards SRPS EN 228.

OMV MaxxMotion Performance fuels are the result of a permanent innovation process meant to provide top quality products that our customers have come to expect. OMV MaxxMotion gasoline have an optimal sulphur-free composition. Moreover, the innovative and especially designed additives package ensure optimal engine protection.

Because of its premium qualities, OMV MaxxMotion products ensure performance on the road, engine protection, low emissions and extra mileage.

Less fuel consumption

Drivers are not even realizing that with each hour of driving on standard fuels deposits are building up in fuel system, which results in higher fuel consumption over time. Usage of OMV MaxxMotion Super 95 with additives prevents the build-up of deposits, restoring fuel consumption to its optimum.

Protects the engine

The deposit control active compounds in the fuel protect the intake system, avoiding aggregation of particles and reducing their build-up. Removing deposits keeps your engine clean, provides excellent protection and prolongs its lifetime.

Corrosion protection

Our gasoline contains effective corrosion inhibitors, forming a protection film on the metal surface which avoids rust formation. It therefore protects the whole fuelling system in a car from unwanted corrosion. Therefore the lifetime of the engine is prolonged.

For many of us power is not only important in competitions, but also in everyday life. That is the reason why OMV innovation engineers have focused on the perfect combustion properties, in order to achieve the maximum performance and extend engine life. OMV MaxxMotion Super 95 is fuel, of Euro 5 quality that doesn’t contain Sulphur. And that’s the reason why, besides of its active components the aggregation of particles is avoided and reduction of their build-ups.

By removing the deposits excellent engine protection is provided and its lifetime is extended. In addition to prevention of deposits formation, with usage of the OMV MaxxMotion Super 95, fuel rich in high performance premium additives, fuel consumption returns to the optimum too, and that is another benefit of this fuel. All this can really help you get the Maxximum out of your car.

*Benefits are depending on the vehicle, driving style and the technical condition of the engine and refer to the comparison of fuels that meet minimum local standards SRPS EN 228.

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