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OMV MaxxMotion 95

Smart premium for your engine

The first step when starting any journey is preparation. In our case that´s all about making sure your car´s engine is reliable for the long run.

OMV MaxxMotion 95 was developed as smart premium fuel for an optimal wear protection of your engine – so you can get wherever you want to and further.

Acts like a protective shield for the engine

ACTIVEFLOWTM technology  particles reduce friction and deposits in the engine, especially in key points where the fluidity of motion is essential. This way, they improve engine efficiency over time, ensuring  that you’re free to make the most out of every drive.


Optimal wear protection / Less friction and wear
Optimal wear protection / Less friction and wear

Engine protection

OMV MaxxMotion 95 contains surface active friction reducing compounds as part of its ACTIVEFLOW™ technology. Therefore friction on crucial parts is reduced and in addition wear is minimized. Less internal friction means optimal wear protection and maximum engine efficiency.

Keeps the engine clean /Maximum engine performance
Keeps the engine clean /Maximum engine performance

Prolonged lifetime 

OMV MaxxMotion 95 enables the prevention of deposits on the critical engine parts. As an effect, the engine performance will be maintained over the engine lifetime when using OMV MaxxMotion 95 continuously.

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Tested extensively in laboratories

As a dynamic industry leader OMV is committed to fulfill highest standards and develop state of the art products. Therefore, carrying out full specification testing on a wide variety of standards is an important part of the product development process of OMV MaxxMotion Performance Fuels to secure highest quality already from the development phase.



Tested on engine and vehicle test benches

For testing OMV cooperates with different partners across the automotive industry. Operating cars on fully automated test benches with state-of-the-art measurement technology helps gathering even more realistic insights on the benefits provided by OMV MaxxMotion Performance Fuels.