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Perfect car maintenance, environmental protection

OMV car washes are complete systems. Environmental protection, man, technology and chemistry are aligned to one another and represent a perfect combination. Innovative developments in the area of car washes and additional services are constantly being monitored, tested and updated by us.Existing plants are being improved or replaced with new, economical device. The combination of technology and competence guarantees you an ideal washing result and top standard of the washing facilities. Because only regular washing with top-quality cleaning and maintenance programs ensures maintaining the value of your car.

Satin gloss washing

Softline: A new dimension to washing

  •  Intensive wash: The textile-like stripes are water and dirt-repellents which mean water and shampoo remain on the car varnish. Thus, the entire power concentrates on washing your car.
  • Intensive care: Softline is therefore dirt-repellent which makes it especially saving on the new water-soluble varnishes.
  • Intensive polishing: The textile stripes polish a special wax  
  • (Glanz wax) varnish pores with their even and soft surface and thus give your varnish even more gloss and a vibrant fresh color.  
  • Intensive protection: This hard wax seals the surface of the varnish with a long-term effect and maintains all plastic parts.
Programi pranja četkama IMG_RS

Washing program

Standard washing programs - your quality guarantee!
All OMV washing facilities offer you and your four-wheel favorite a soothing and thorough wash. This is guaranteed by our standard and optimized quality controls. OMV top care makes your car shine! Test us, we will be happy to convince you.

OMV Top Wash maintenance programs

  • High-pressure pre-wash -  60 bar
    Remove coarse dirt
  • Active foam 
    Thorough pre-wash  -  removing remaining dirt
  • Scrubbing with shampoo
    Cleaning with soft, intensively working scrubbers
  • Wheel and felly wash
    Intensive wash with special scrubbers
  • Under carriage wash
    Remove salt, tarmac grit and hidden dirt
  • Drying with gloss drier
    with a powerful, outline-controlled airflow for a stainless shine
  • Wax care with Topwax
    for shining varnish and protection from damaging environmental impacts

Carwash locations, (XLS, 33,5 KB)

The OMV Self Service washing facilities are operating without contact and remove even the toughest dirt.

The recipe for success:

  • pulverized cleaning agents
  • high pressure of approx. 100 bar
  • warm water with 50 degrees
  • osmosis for shine without water marks

How do I wash properly?

Innovative technology and compliance with the washing instructions guarantee perfect and shiny car maintenance.
First remove wash pistol from the holder, then throw in a coin:

1. Contact-free washing

Contact-free: The combination of a high-pressure jet, warm water and intensive cleaning agent is the washing method which goes easiest on the varnish for your car. Start from the bottom of the car and work your way up carefully washing with a jet distance of 10-20 cm.

2. Rinsing with osmosis

Drying by rinsing with demineralized cold water osmosis guarantees stainless and shiny results without manual reprocessing. Rinse the car from the top with a jet distance of 80-100 cm, then dry the car, preferably in the sun.

3. Waxing

Regular hot wax sealing for a speckles shine. Rinse the car with the hot-wax program from top to bottom from a distance of 80-100 cm. To prevent wax stains, re-rinse with the shine dry program.

4. Shine drying

Shine drying with demineralized cold water osmosis using purest water with shine dry additive. Rinse the car from top to bottom from a distance of 80-100 cm - a drying sealed wax film remains.

Washing with active foam brush at selected locations

On six filling stations additional hose is installed with a brush through which hot active foam flows and thus allows easy removal of impurities.

Locations of stations with active foam brush (XLS, 31,0 KB)

Not only is the exterior important.

For your car to be as clean as possible inside: powerful, high-performance vacuum cleaners provide a clean and representative car, and thus more pleasure and und comfort in a well looked-after car.

Inside cleaning service

The vaccum is handled this time by an employee of our filling station. The service also includes:

  • cleaning the board (with silicone or not, as the client decides), and also other parts of the car
  • cleaning the windows on the inside
  • cleaning the plastic elements
  • cleaning the carpets

The environment +

With our consistent environmental measures we do more than required by law. State-of-the-art waste water and secretion facilities guarantee that maintenance residue is disposed of in an environment-friendly way. Whether it is tar, dirt from the road or grit, anything which collects on your car we dispose of in compliance with regulations.