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In your travels you can pay with the OMV Card for both fuel and car accessories. From us you will receive only one invoice with all the details. You can count on the highest level of accuracy and security – both for you and for the electronic transmission of the invoice. Reducing administration costs is our concern.

From your computer, tablet or smartphone, you always have the fleet under control while saving money with sporty efficiency. With OMV Fleet Online Service you have a comprehensive overview of the fleet at any time and in real time.

Application for finding filling stations

The moment you start your journey, you need a plan and you need to know:

  • where to find the right filling station
  • which route is best for you
  • where you can park
  • where you can pour AdBlue

Want to generate a single PIN for your OMV cards? Then you are in the right place!

Use the field below "Individual PIN" to create your PIN. You need to confirm your PIN by re-entering it in the "Repeat PIN" field. For more information, click here.
You agree to keep the PIN you have chosen strictly confidential and to pass this obligation on to all subsequent OMV card users.
Note that the PIN you have personally selected cannot be assigned to existing OMV cards.
Finish by clicking "Submit".


You are visiting the safe website of OMV Serbia. At no time will any OMV employee know your chosen PIN. For data security purposes, it is very important that you choose the PIN yourself – we as the OMV Cards team cannot do this for you. We, as OMV, are solely responsible for processing your PIN information.

In case you have any questions contact us directly at

OMV Individual PiN (PDF, 511,2 KB)

Once a month, or on request twice a month, as an OMV cardholder, you receive a review report that includes a practical list of items for fuel analysis and assessment. This list of items also shows all services purchased with an OMV card. In fact, you can even choose to have each card assigned to a specific cost center. For even more detailed data analysis, all your cards can be coded so that mileage and / or driver identification is mandatory during the billing process.

We offer accounting benefits that are fourfold:

  • Consolidated invoicing: lists all services purchased in each of the countries. The total amount for each country is then displayed in the currency of the country that issued the card.
  • National invoicing: includes all payments in the country that issued the card.
  • International invoicing: includes an invoice or debit note for each country in which the transaction takes place, in local currency. This is important for VAT refunds.‚Äč
  • Reverse charge invoicing: issued when payments are made on the card during the collection period covered by EU Directive 2008/8 / EC (reverse charge services). This invoice may include transactions from different countries. 

We can send you, upon your request, electronic invoices to an email address, which is a way that is faster, more accessible and protects the natural environment. It means serious time and cost savings

Example e-invoicing - transaction list (PDF, 198,5 KB)
Example e-invoicing - international (PDF, 110,0 KB)
Example e-invoicing - national (PDF, 139,2 KB)
Example e-invoicing - collective settlement (PDF, 71,5 KB)

Read the brief guide on how to verify a digitally signed PDF document using Adobe Acrobat in 6 steps.

User Manual (PDF, 1,7 MB)