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Great birthday offer for all Super Kartica holders!

Collect up to 10 points/l on ALL FUELS during ANY REFUELLING

OMV Serbia has prepared special promotion for all Super Kartica users in the period from 25th May to 31st May 2020

For refuelling of ANY TYPE OF FUEL you get a lot more points per litre! Reach the reward threshold with just one refuelling. * 

  • OMV Gasoline– 5 points/l
  • OMV Diesel– 5 points/l
  • MaxxMotion Super 95 – 10 points/l
  • MaxxMotion Super 100 Plus – 10 points/l
  • MaxxMotion Diesel – 10 points/l
  • LPG – 5 points/l

Visit us and use even more birthday benefits which we have wrapped in a birthday week: 

  • For 30l of fuel poured you get free VIVA coffee of your choice
  • For a perfect start of a day - 35% discount on breakfast 
  • For a refreshment and making a break with preferred VIVA coffee of your choice – 50% discount on sandwich + Gratis VIVA coffee
  • For a clean windshields and great view while driving use 30% discount on Caristal windshield liquid 
  • For a shiny car 1 + 1 token for a free car wash (on a filling stations which have Jet Wash) and 30% discount on Top Wash washing programs (on a filling stations with Top Wash car wash)

Super Kartica and OMV wish you a happy journey! 

* For example, if you fill up with 20 litres of OMV MaxxMotion Super 95 or OMV MaxxMotion Super 100plus fuel, you will get as many as 200 points and reach the reward threshold.

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