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Fill up with OMV MaxxMotion Performance fuels

With the MaxxMotion Performance Fuels, OMV has developed the perfect fuel for the needs of modern vehicle technology.

Our high-performance fuels OMV MaxxMotion Super 100plus and OMV MaxxMotion Performance Diesel were developed in Austria and offer drivers a new level of fuel quality.

New upgraded protection formula

Industry standards and the associated increasing demand for improved fuel quality have evolved considerably in recent years. OMV has taken an important step forward and improved the formula for both fuels, OMV MaxxMotion Diesel and OMV MaxxMotion Super 100plus. The additive content of the products was increased by 10%. In general, the additives improve engine performance and reduce deposits. This provides motorists in Serbia with additional benefits.

Higher additive content for OMV MaxxMotion diesel and gasoline

In order to react to future developments in fuel technology and to improve fuel quality even further, the OMV innovation team works closely with leading members of the automotive industry, research institutes and universities. The new, increased dosage of the additive service package was implemented for both OMV MaxxMotion Diesel and OMV MaxxMotion Super 100plus.

Longer engine life thanks to additives

The improved innovative performance package for additives contains even more protective and cleaning molecules that clean the engine, protect against corrosion, reduce wear and thus keep it clean in the long term. Furthermore, they support the efficiency of the engine and ensure that maximum acceleration is obtained.

* Benefits depend on the driving style, engine type, engine age and relate to a comparative fuel that meets the local minimum requirements (EN 590 in the case of diesel fuel or EN 228 in the case of gasoline).

Milos Pavlovic relies on MaxxMotion fuels

No one better than Milos Pavlovic know the importance of good fuel.

Triple world racing champion who has won many prizes in various categories of motor sports has recommended drivers in Serbia to fill their tanks with OMV MaxxMotion Performance fuels. With the experience he has in automotive sports Milos’s recommendation are OMV MaxxMotion fuels.

I am extremely pleased that I have the opportunity to cooperate with a company like OMV for many years now. My recommendation goes to OMV MaxxMotion fuel because for me it is the best fuel you can find in Serbia, since it gives you the maximum power and protection of the engine.

Milos Pavlovic

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