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Fill up with MaxxMotion, the performance fuels of OMV

Fuels are our driving force. We are constantly striving to provide our customers with the best quality fuels, which have a positive impact on the life of vehicles while protecting the environment. This applies to our entire range of fuels, with our OMV MaxxMotion Performance Fuels have developed high-performance fuels with which we have a leading position in the market.

The latest highlight of our innovation team is the OMV MaxxMotion Super 100plus. This fuel contains components that are highly resistant to knocking, which has advantages especially in modern direct injected high performance engines. All of our high-performance fuels improve the efficiency of motors and ensure their exceptional functionality and longevity.

Milos Pavlovic relies on MaxxMotion fuels

No one better than Milos Pavlovic know the importance of good fuel.

Triple world racing champion who has won many prizes in various categories of motor sports has recommended drivers in Serbia to fill their tanks with OMV MaxxMotion Performance fuels. With the experience he has in automotive sports Milos’s recommendation are OMV MaxxMotion fuels.

I am extremely pleased that I have the opportunity to cooperate with a company like OMV for many years now. My recommendation goes to OMV MaxxMotion fuel because for me it is the best fuel you can find in Serbia, since it gives you the maximum power and protection of the engine.
Milos Pavlovic

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