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Try Single origin coffees!

OMV always strives to ensure that the product range meets the highest quality standards.  And now, coffee lovers can look forward to another top product: "Single origin" coffee that brings only the best Arabica beans from the same growing area.

Colombian coffee is known for its rich, mild taste due to the perfect climate and the high quality of the beans grown there.

Colombia produces about 12% of the world's coffee and is the third largest producer in the world. Thanks to its fertile soils due to the active volcanic structure of the region and the draconian quality control measures, Colombian coffee is characterized by good acidity, a balanced middle body and a memorable caramel taste that fills the mouth.

Colombia is one of the few countries that grow coffee beans from only one of the two main varieties - Arabica. And many connoisseurs of coffee believe that when it is of a single origin, its quality and taste are in a much more pleasant and pure form. Coffee Colombia, 100% Arabica, has a Fairtrade certificate, which is an additional guarantee of quality and social commitment.

Enjoy coffee from the heart of Colombia with ripe fruit flavor notes and aromas of cocoa and caramel.

Filling stations where you can try Colombia Single origin coffees are:

  • Metro
  • Leskovac
  • Novi Sad
  • Pančevo
  • Vršac
  • Jurija Gagarina
  • Vranje
  • Kraljevo
  • Kraljevo 2
  • Požarevac
  • Niš 1
  • Loznica
  • Subotica
  • Kneževac
  • Bubanj Potok
  • Doljevac
  • Borska
  • Šabac
  • Aleksinac
  • Obilaznica
  • Bačka Topola 1
  • Bačka Topola 2
  • Martinci 1
  • Martinci 2
  • Lapovo Jug
  • Lapovo Sever
  • Čačak 1
  • Beška 1
  • Beška 2
  • Ruma
  • Ražanj
  • Kruševac
  • Trstenik
  • Batajnica
  • Novi Sad 2
  • Gradina
  • Krnjača
  • Ada, Beograd
  • Čačak 2
  • Užice
  • Ćelije
  • Zaječar
  • Zrenjanin
  • Kovin
  • Vršac 2