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Ready for hot summer!

If you regularly use the Super Kartica card in the Idea, Roda or Mercator markets, this summer you can get even more benefits. For each bill higher than 2,000 dinars that you make in these markets during month of July you will receive an OMV super voucher. With this voucher and Super Card until August 15th 2020 it is possible to accomplish a lot of good discounts on OMV filling stations: 

  • Fuel coupon that brings you DOUBLE BENEFIT! Save up to 5 dinars/l of fuel and earn up to 5 points/l
    OMV Diesel, OMV Gasoline, LPG: you save 2 RSD/l and earn 2 points/l
    OMV MaxxMotion Diesel, OMV MaxxMotion Super 95: you save 3 RSD/l and earn 3 points/l
    OMV MaxxMotion Super100 Plus: you save 5 RSD/l and earn 5 points/l
  • Even 50% discount for a Caristal windscreen washing liquid
    The discount applies to the purchase of one item.
  • Discount 40% on complete car wash service: JetWash or TopWash
    The coupon can be used at all OMV filling stations that have a car wash service, and locations you can check here
    The coupon is valid for one purchase of a complete car wash service (Top or Jet) depending on the offer at the filling station.
  • Discount 30% on an awesome OMV sandwich of your choice
    The discount applies to one purchase of one item and is valid for filling stations that have sandwiches in their offer. You can see the list of locations here
  • 1 + 1 FREE OMV air freshener of your choice
    With one purchased air freshener, you get another freshener of the same type as a gift.

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