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Applicants FAQs

How do I apply?

Click on the vacancy you are interested in and want to apply for on the Job Board. Fill out the application form as completely as possible. The more detailed the information you provide, the better we can assess your qualifications and abilities, and the more quickly and efficiently we can process your application. This way you will also facilitate the filing of your application.

Which documents do I need to apply for a job at OMV?

Please fill out your three most important documents in the fields indicated. In most cases, these include a degree of your highest level of education and testimonials. You can bring additional exhibits to the interview with you (reports, certificates, reference letters, etc.).

Which vacancies do I find on the online Job Board?

You will find all vacancies for Austria and our international ventures, the Job Board Germany, as well as the vacancies of our Econgas affiliate.
Should you require compulsory practical training for your studies, you will also find the suitable vacancy announcement on our Job Board. The best thing to do is to apply approx. five months before the beginning of your practical training.

I am interested in several vacancies or sites. Will one application suffice?

Of course, you can apply online for several vacancies at the same time. Visit the Job Board online, click on "Apply" and choose several vacancies using the "Select" button.

A can't find a suitable vacancy. Can I apply nonetheless?

Of course,  you will find the corresponding link for submitting a general application on the Job Board  after the vacancies.

What is the application procedure at OMV?

1. As soon as your documents are received, you will receive a notification on the status of your application (rejection, invitation, feedback by telephone).

2. If you belong to the smaller group of pre-selected candidates, you will receive a written invitation of the Recruiting Services department for the first interview.

This invitation will form the basis for a second interview with the expert department that posted the vacancy.

3. In case the interview has been successful, in most cases we will invite you to participate in a recruitment workshop. Depending on the requirements of the vacancy, the workshop may last between three hours and one day. You will be prepared by us for this workshop in an extensive briefing on the procedure and the exercises.

4. On the day following the workshop, you will be informed on the outcome of the workshop and will receive a detailed feedback.

5. Apart from the selection of new staff, the OMV recruitment workshop also serves as a basis for initial development programmes in the company.

6. Should you basically meet our requirements, but we are nevertheless unable to make a concrete offer, we will be happy to keep your application on file for future suitable jobs.

Can I speak to the specific department directly?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. First, we need a descriptive application, and an initial interview in order to be able to assess your qualifications.

Will you inform me on the reasons for a rejection?

If there is no interview, unfortunately we can not provide you with a personal feedback (since there is a large number of applications).
Subsequently - after interviews and a recruitment workshop - you will in any case be informed about the reasons of our rejection.

Can I apply again for a new vacancy after my application has been rejected?

Certainly. In case you have already had interviews with the Recruiting Services department, it will be most appropriate to have a brief telephone conversation with your respective customer advisor.

Which qualification profiles does OMV mainly look for?

We are an industrial company involving research & development, engineering, production, maintenance, marketing, and sales. We operate large financial and controlling departments and a very complex group data centre. Each division has a separate communication and HR department. Therefore, we are looking both for people with technical and commercial education.
In each case, it is important that you possess excellent English skills and are willing to work on an international basis.

Does OMV primarily focus on graduates of economic and technical studies?

Since OMV is an industrial enterprise, we are mainly looking for people with technical and business management qualifications. Our job profiles, however, can vary significantly, so that every now and then we may be looking for other skills as well. Pay a visit to our online job board to get an overview of our various areas of activity.

What career opportunities can OMV offer young people with a completed vocational training?

OMV offers young university graduates good initial career opportunities in many business areas (e.g.: controlling, marketing, etc. …). The latest relevant vacancy announcements are listed on our online job board.

Can I apply for a permanent position abroad at OMV?

For a permanent position abroad, please file your application directly at the foreign site.