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OMV Top Wash Exterior car care products

The most often seen surfaces of your vehicle require the highest-quality products. Therefore OMV TopWash exterior car care products enable great results for your DIY carwash. 

OMV TopWash Wheel Cleaner 500ml 

OMV wheel cleaner is a highly effective special cleaner designed for application on alloy and steel wheels. In addition to the removal of common road dirt the cleaning product also removes stubborn dirt such as brake dust that is caused while braking. Particularly gentle on the material, it is guaranteed not to attack the rim surface or the wheel bolts. 

Instructions of use: Allow the wheels to cool down before applying the product. Turn nozzle to spray position and apply the wheel cleaner evenly from a short distance on the wheel. Allow to stand for 2-3 minutes and use a brush for extremely stubborn dirt to increase cleaning efficiency. Rinse wheels thoroughly with plenty of water or a pressure washer. 

Do not use in hot sun or apply to hot wheels. For unpainted wheel rims made of light alloys or aluminum is recommended to follow the wheel manufacturer's recommendations before applying the product or applying the product to a less visible area first. Not suitable for chrome-plated surfaces.

Product highlights:

  • High cleaning effect
  • Suitable for alloy and steel rims
  • Removes airborne corrosion

OMV TopWash Window Defroster 500ml

OMV window defroster defrosts frozen windows in seconds. It removes icing form the glass and protects temporarily against re-icing to ensure a clear view all around. 

Instructions of use: Apply the product to the iced-up screen and let it work for a while. Afterwards remove the unfrozen ice easily with a wiper or squeegee. Repeat the de-icing procedure if icing reoccurs. In case of thick ice layers, it is recommended to additionally use an ice scraper for removing them. 

Product highlights: 

  • Simple and precise application
  • Defrosting effect within seconds for a clear view 
  • Temporarily protection against re-icing 

OMV TopWash Insect Remover 500ml

OMV insect remover is a special cleaner for removing insect residues from windows, mirrors and headlights as well as from paint, plastic, chrome parts and the full car body. It´s formula makes it also suitable for removing demanding dirt and the insect remover can be used before entering the carwash. 

Instructions of use: Turn the nozzle to the spraying position and apply the insect remover to soiled areas. Allow to stand for 1 – 2 minutes and use a special sponge or brush for extremely stubborn dirt to increase cleaning efficiency. Afterward rinse with water and if needed repeat the procedure. 

Do not use on damaged varnish, direct sunlight and hot car body. 

Product highlights: 

  • Simple and precise application
  • Removes dirt in a few seconds
  • Applicable on various surfaces 

OMV TopWash Window Cleaner 500ml

OMV window cleaner is powerful cleaner for vehicle windows, headlights, mirrors or any other glass surfaces. It is a universal cleaning product that can be used for exterior as well as interior cleaning to remove different kind of stubborn dirt.

Instructions of use: Turn the nozzle to the spraying position and apply the window cleaner all-over the soiled areas. Spread with a soft lint-free cloth (e.g. OMV microfiber cloth) and leave on for a while. Afterwards wipe away the window cleaner streak-free with a dry (paper) cloth or a dry area of the OMV microfiber cloth. Repeat if necessary and remove stubborn dirt with a sponge. 

Product highlights:

  • Simple and precise application
  • Removes dirt in a few seconds 
  • Applicable on various glass surfaces

OMV TopWash – Exterior Microfiber Wipe

The OMV microfiber wipe exterior is designed for cleaning as well as polishing painted and glossy surfaces such as the car body, chrome parts, glass etc. The cloth is made of following fabric materials: 80 % polyester and 20 % polyamide. Thanks to its fine structure, it helps to polish surfaces easily and efficiently. The cloth does not leave threads, is reusable and can be washed in the washing machine. 

Instructions of use: Use dry or moist, depending on the kind of dirt. Do not use any bleaching or softening agents, as it reduces the effectiveness of the cloth. 

Product highlights: 

  • ideal for polishing the car exterior and other surfaces
  • quick-drying material
  • machine washable