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We Care More for your Health and Safety!


Learn more about high hygienic standards at OMV filling stations

OMV Serbia has developed new „We Care More Hygiene Standard” based on usual hygienic standards applied on all our filling stations, but this time further improved to fulfill today’s special requirements.

On top of our usual hygiene processes, we developed some more specific actively monitored measures that are increasing level of a health safety for all of our employees, partners, our clients and customers.

High Hygienic Standards on our filling stations are upgraded in following areas:

Fuel Tanking Area:

1.    Always available protective disposable gloves for all visitors on FSs
2.    Forecourt cleaning and disinfection on regular basis, which includes daily washing of the fuel dispenser
3.    Forecourt employees mandatory use the protective equipment and protective Nose-Mouth-Mask

Cashier Desk Area:

1.    We recommend as preferable mean of payment the contactless payment on a bank terminals
2.    We provide Plexiglas barrier between cashier desk employee and customers on all FSs in our network in order to decrease risk of air-flown droplets spreading from one person to other
3.    Cleaning and disinfection on a regular basis of all contact points on locations for payments (desk, plexiglas, terminals, buttons)

Restaurant/Café Area:

1.    Cleaning and disinfection on a regular basis of all surfaces and contact points in Restaurant/Café Area a (desks, food vitrine glass, coffee machine)
2.    Mandatory usage of protective disposable gloves by Employees at OMV filling stations, changed on a regular basis 
3.    Individually packed sandwiches
4.    Sugar, spoon and cap Set for coffee is either individually packed or served hygienically by Employees at OMV filling stations
5.    Capacity of OMV Restaurants and Cafés is always respectively reduced based on the actual regulations promoted by local government
6.    Hand disinfection for customers available on the tables or bar 

Toilet Area:

1.    Cleaning and disinfection on a regular basis of all contact points in the Toilet Area  (surfaces, handles, faucet opening handles, toilet seat, water fountain handle)
2.    Instructions for the proper hand washing visible in toilet area 
3.    Mandatory available paper tissues


1.    Hand disinfection for customers available next to the entrance area 
2.    Health status of Employees is checked by measuring body temperature before each shift
3.    Employees are using always respective protective equipment while working (at the moment it includes also Nose-Mouth-Mask)
4.    Social distance is practiced and notified for customers in accordance with the local regulations
5.    All regulations that are promoted by local government, and are in a relation to our business sector and customers, are published on visible place in entrance area