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Travel throughout Europe with the OMV Business Card

With the OMV Business Card, your fleet will have an easier journey, as your drivers will carry OMV quality with them at all times. On all roads through Europe, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. OMV Business Card is a cashless payment method for legal entities – with many benefits for your company. OMV Business Card users drive better.

OMV Business Card offers you numerous benefits and services. For fleet managers, drivers, for the whole company: premium fuel quality and other products as well at about 2,100 OMV stations in Europe, with the best coverage of more than 20,000 filling stations in the ROUTEX network. Superior security and easy process control, a service tailored to your needs to save you time and money.

With the OMV Business Card for your fleet – diesel card or petrol card, OMV quality will always be available to drivers.

VAS list EN 01.12.2021 (PDF, 567,7 KB)

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