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Collect points every time you visit OMV filling station!

Super Kartica on OMV Serbia stations

OMV Serbia joins the Super Kartica loyalty program. From now on OMV filling stations you can collect points when refuelling or buying other items!

For payments with cash, credit and debit cards at OMV filling stations you get points according to the following system:

Product Amount Number of points awarded
OMV MaxxMotion Super 100plus 1 litre 5
OMV MaxxMotion fuels
(Diesel or Super 95)
1 litre 3
Basic gasoline or Diesel 1 litre 2
LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) 1 litre 2
AdBlue 1 litre 1
Other items (from shop, restaurant and car wash) 100 RSD 1

The rewards threshold is a minimum of 200 points accumulated during one Super Kartica (Super Card) billing period (three months).

Simply swipe your Super Kartica on the cash register or read it from the mobile app screen and the points are already there.


  • Points are NOT credited for payment of services (ENP, Western Union,, City express, Florist online, Ipay and Paysafe card, AMSS membership card, gift cards) printing, tobacco products and occasional promotional activities (such as stickers, sticker albums and special-promotion items). More information you can obtain at the point of sale. 
  • It is not possible to collect points on a Super Kartica if payment is made by a Routex card, citizens' checks, fuel vouchers or Cash Back Cards.
  • If you use more than one payment method to pay your bill, points will be calculated separately for each payment method. 
  • It is not possible to combine a Super Kartica benefits with an OMV Save&Drive card.

If you have exceeded the rewards threshold in one billing period (ie, you have collected a minimum of 200 points), you can redeem the earned points in the next billing period directly from your Super Kartica or by using the digital Super Kartica, which is in the mobile app. When paying at checkout, show your Super Kartica and emphasize to the cashier how many points you want to use to reduce your bill.

If you have earned enough points for rewards with multiple partners, they are added up - and you choose at which partner you want to redeem points.

  • You can redeem your points with following partners: OMV, Idea, Roda, Mercator hypermarket, Intersport or DDOR.
  • When redeeming purchase points, a minimum of RSD 1 must be paid by another means of payment
  • For the amount paid with the points at OMV partners you earn the right to new points
  • You collect points in the current accounting period and spend them until the end of the next accounting period

Benefits for Super Kartica users

If you have a Super Kartica, at OMV filling stations you can expect various benefits in the form of discounts on certain products or services such as:

  • 20% discount on OMV motor oils, OMV antifreeze coolants, windscreen cleaners and OMV brake fluid
  • 20% discount on VIVA vitamin waters and natural teas, VIVA healthy snacks (fruit bars and fruit mix in a chocolate)\
  • 20% discount on VIVA Ice coffees, as well as VIVA and VIVA Colombia capsules (compatible with Nespresso and Dolce Gusto appliances)
  • 10% discount on all other types of VIVA coffee and all types of teas
  • 10% discount on Complete Car Wash service
  • 10% to 25% discount on other marked items in the VIVA store and restaurant

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