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With points to increase the safety of your youngest

What should you do?

Collect bonus points in the period from 09th December 2019 till 16th February 2020 when buying at OMV filling stations. One bonus point is earned for every purchase at OMV filling stations and VIVA restaurants worth RSD 1,000. (Bonus points are not awarded for the purchase of electronic tolls).

When you collect 10 bonus points, you are able to buy selected car seats with a discount of up to 20%, while collecting 20 bonus points you can buy up to 40% off.

With the completed bonus card it is obligatory to attach copies of fiscal receipts, which confirm the purchase. A copy of the receipt is obtained from the seller at the cash register. Bonus points for the purchase of these seats can be collected from the 9th December 2019 till 16th February 2020. You can buy car seats until 29th February 2020 or until run out of the stock.

What can you buy?


Ways to install the seat

The car seats available at the promotion can be set up in the following ways:


It is possible to install seats without seat belts. ISOFIX is a safe, easy and fast installation.



It involves the use of car seat belts following the belt guide.

Filling station