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Try VIVA 100% Arabica coffee from Guatemala!

Single origin coffee.

The English expression "single origin" refers to the source of the beans. In order for it to receive this designation, all coffee beans must come from the same growing area and not be mixed with other types of coffee. In recent years, "single origin" coffee has become extremely popular, because it satisfies the desire of coffee lovers for an exceptional product with an incredible taste.

The title "single origin" is synonymous with a high quality standard. Only the best beans from a single harvest are selected to make coffee with this label. Coffee plantations are mostly located in cool mountain regions. The conditions there are most suitable for the coffee fruit to ripen slowly.

High quality of the coffee beans is also determined by the harvesting process: "single origin" coffee is harvested by hand, berry by berry (only the ripe berries are taken from the bush), not by "baring" (the entire branch is stripped, as all beans are harvested, regardless of their maturity).

Single origin coffee is roasted for a shorter time, as there is no need to compensate for the mixed ripeness of the beans like the ones in mixed origin coffee, which is roasted to a darker color. It is this short roasting that brings out the rich fruit flavor of "single origin" coffee.

VIVA single origin

In our portfolio, we offer coffee of Guatemalan origin, which is "single origin" and 100% Arabica.

Guatemala is specific with its different climate zones and landscapes, and rich, diverse flora and fauna. The most picturesque feature of the area are the volcanoes, over 30 in number, some of which still active. The mineral-rich soil of the volcanic slopes provides perfect conditions for the coffee plant. Coffee from the Antigua region offers complex flavor combinations and surprises with different nuances.

  •  Altitude where it’s grown: 1500 – 1800 meters above sea level
  • Arabica variety: Cattura, Bourbon
  • Harvest: December – April
  • Grinding process: wet, sun dried 

Taste characteristics of VIVA Guatemala coffee:

  • Flavor 9
  • Flavor consistency 10
  • Purity of taste 10
  • Sweetness 8
  • Taste 9
  • Acidity 9
  • Density 7
  • Aftertaste 8
  • Balance sheet 8
  • 8 in total
  • Distinctive aromas - dried nuts, fruits, chocolate

 Filling stations where you can try Guatemala Single origin coffees are:

  • Ada Ciganlija
  • Aleksinac
  • Backa Topola 1
  • Backa Topola 2
  • Batajnica
  • Beska 1
  • Beska 2
  • Borska
  • Bubanj Potok
  • Cacak
  • Cacak 2
  • Celije
  • Doljevac
  • Gradina
  • Jurija Gagarina
  • Knezevac
  • Krnjaca
  • Lapovo jug
  • Lapovo sever
  • Loznica
  • Martinci 1
  • Martinci 2
  • Metro
  • Nis 1
  • Obilaznica 1
  • Pancevo
  • Razanj
  • Ruma
  • Sabac
  • Uzice
  • Zajecar
  • Zrenjanin 2