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VIVA snacks and fruit bars

A variety of natural flavours with the latest offer from VIVA - VIVA snacks without palm oil and gluten free. And VIVA fruit bars - no added sugar, no gluten or animal products.

Viva snacks

Mix of nuts, seeds and dried vegetables, or sweet chocolate.
All without palm oil and gluten. Make your choice of delicious snacks on the go.

Bio nuts Mix 30 g 
VIVA Choco Berries 30 g
VIVA Super fruits 25 g 
VIVA Veggie Mix 25 g


VIVA fruit bars

If you want to satisfy your desire for sweets, but avoid sugar,
we just have an offer for you - VIVA fruit bars. Three different flavours,
all without added sugar, without gluten or animal products.

Beetroot and blackcurrant 32 g
Apple, carrot and orange 32 g
Rhubarb and strawberry 32 g

Filling station