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Fill up with vitamins and energy! Try the new VIVA vitamin water and ice tea!

The new drinks without sugar, sweeteners and preservatives under the VIVA brand can be found at every OMV filling station. Enjoy vitamin water and ice tea.

VIVA vitamin water

Vitamin water taste great. They are a rich source of nutrients and an excellent source of vitamin C and key B vitamins, plus additional active ingredients. Non-carbonated soft drink from spring water.

High content of vitamins: Each vitamin water contains a high dose of vitamins - 120% of the recommended daily intake.

Vitamin water VIVA
Blueberry and acai

High in vitamins C, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12 and Coenzyme Q10
No added sugar
No colorants
No preservatives and artificial sweeteners

VIVA ice tea

VIVA ice tea with herbs and aromatic fruits is prepared by infusion process, which extracts from it only the most valuable and useful substances. It is a delicious real tea, true to the traditional brewing process, but also combined with fruit juice and herbal extracts.

The key added value of VIVA ice tea lies in the fact that it is made from real herbs instead of tea extract. All herbs are carefully prepared in the traditional way to extract only the best quality. VIVA ice teas are a modern, nutritious and healthy version of classic teas.

Ice tea VIVA
Matcha, pear and lemon grass

No added sugar
No colorants
No preservatives and artificial sweeteners

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