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Colaboration with Generali DynamicLife app

DynamicLife users can now scan their cards on all OMV FS in Serbia and receive benefits on their insurance

OMV and Generali have provided a gift for Dynamic Life users:

  • OMV MaxxMotion Super 100plus - RSD 18/per liter
  • OMV MaxxMotion Super 95 and OMV MaxxMotion Diesel - RSD 12/per liter
  • OMV Diesel - RSD 6/per liter
  • OMV Gasoline 95 - RSD 6/per liter
  • LPG - RSD 6/liter

Dynamic Life is a program in which users, through everyday purchases, generate an insurance premium without additional burden on the budget. Each time you purchase a product and/or service from an application partner, they pay an amount proportional to the bill paid to your Dynamic Life policy as an insurance premium. The more you spend, the higher the amount paid into the policy. More about registration steps and benefits of the program on