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Rechargers for electric vehicles at three more OMV filling stations

  • The most rapid charger for electric vehicles with 180kW power output was also installed at the OMV filling station Bačka Topola 1
  • Due to the cooperation between OMV and Charge&Go, highways in Serbia got three more charging points

Belgrade, 07.11.2022. - The companies OMV and Charge&GO continue to improve the network and availability of chargers for electric vehicles in our country. Three new electric rechargers are now available at OMV gas stations in Doljevac, Gradina and Bačka Topola 1. Previously, electric rechargers were installed at Lapovo Sever and Martinci 1 filling stations. That is a total of five chargers in cooperation with the company Charge&Go.

„We see an increased number of electric vehicles, and expanding the electric rechargers network is part of our strategy.Electric mobility is here to stay. In addition to the electric chargers at the Martinci 1 gas station, the charger at our station in Bačka Topola 1 is now one of the most powerful electric recharger in Serbia, with an output of 180 kW, which further reduces the speed of vehicle charging. The new charger at the OMV station Doljevac has a power of 150 kW, the same as the new charger at the Gradina station - said Decebal Sorin Tudor, general director of OMV Serbia”.

OMV is putting effort to reach over 2,000 recharger points at OMV filling stations throughout Europe, on highways and near major cities, from 2023 to 2030. Thanks to the cooperation between OMV Serbia and Charge&GO, the highways in Serbia are getting more and more charging points, which will make travel easier for domestic EV owners. Additionally, the drivers of electric cars in transit through Serbia will also have a place to charge their vehicle while taking a break to rest and refresh.

OMV and sustainable business

OMV responsibly produces and markets oil, gas, innovative energy, as well as top petrochemical solutions. With group revenues of EUR 36 billion and a workforce of around 22,400 employees in 2021, OMV is one of the largest listed industrial companies in Austria.

OMV's specific climate goals are: zero greenhouse gas emissions from operations by 2050 or earlier, a leadership position in the circular plastics economy (thanks to innovative solutions such as ReOil®) and at least a 60 percent low-content product and carbon free portfolio.

The company will achieve these goals thanks to the increased use of crude oil for petrochemical products, a greater share of gas in the product portfolio, hydrogen solutions for mobility and industry, solutions for e-mobility and the delivery of advanced biofuels.

What does the Charge&GO platform offer?

The company Charge&GO has developed the first digital platform and application that enables quick and easy charging of electric vehicles. The platform provides drivers of electric vehicles with an efficient service of charging and paying for the use of charging points, as well as the ability for companies to remotely manage their network of chargers, which includes numerous services such as charging control, monitoring the operation of chargers, setting prices, limiting usage and reviewing charging sessions.

Thanks to the cooperation with the Finnish Virta, the fastest growing electric vehicle charging platform in Europe, users of the Charge&GO platform have access to more than 180,000 chargers in 30 countries around the world that make a global partner network.