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The finest Italian-roasted coffee at all OMV VIVA petrol stations

Belgrade, 29 April 2015 – Drivers can now enjoy perfect service along with a new coffee experience at all of the OMV VIVA petrol stations: the finest new Italian-roasted VIVA CAFE ensures the optimal coffee experience at OMV VIVA petrol stations.

The optimal coffee experience at OMV VIVA
"Convenience and pleasure are the key elements when it comes to meeting driver requirements. We have to continue developing our products to ensure that we can offer our customers top level service and the optimal coffee experience, says Mr. Klaus Jürgen Schneider, OMV Senior Vice President Retail at OMV. “The modern coffee consumer is demanding, with a distinct sense of what constitutes quality coffee and an appreciation of an appealing coffee ambience. A good cup of coffee symbolises a moment of pleasure in everyday life – and at OMV VIVA, we place particular importance on those moments which accompany us throughout the day. Each day, we serve some 1.3 million customers at around 1400 OMV stations in 9 countries. 30 million cups of coffee are drunk each year. We have therefore been investing in the quality of the VIVA coffee world for many years to always provide our customers with the best coffee and the ideal coffee atmosphere," Mr Schneider explains.

New: Italian-roasted
The new VIVA CAFE comes from the renowned traditional Gimoka coffee roasters in Italy close to Lake Como. Specially selected baristas and the VIVA CAFE team have been working here on the new VIVA CAFE blend for the last half year. The result is a VIVA CAFE based on the finest Italian roast. The best coffee beans, carefully roasted to create a unique and balanced coffee aroma with the finest foam.

Alberto Pipan, R&D and Quality Manager at Gimoka, says "The last few months have been very challenging for all of us because we have been refining the details and nuances involved in developing the coffee flavour and foam we are now able to offer. We are all very proud of the result – the flavour of our new VIVA CAFE certainly impressed our customers and petrol station partners alike when they first sampled it".

A wide range of varieties & ongoing training of the VIVA CAFE team
The new VIVA CAFE is available exclusively at all OMV VIVA stations. Delicious speciality coffees are carefully and freshly prepared by the VIVA CAFE team: espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato. And of course, all are available as coffee-to-go.

"Our VIVA CAFE experts understand the importance of using the right settings on the coffee machine, the correct temperatures and right preparation of milk foam. All of the employees in the VIVA CAFE team will receive in-depth training to ensure that they serve our speciality coffees to customers at the highest quality level each day. In this way, we can guarantee that the new VIVA CAFE experience will thrill our customers – simply optimal coffee experience," Department Manager NOB Management in OMV Serbia Bojana Aleksic emphasises.

New communications & new advertising presence
The introduction of VIVA CAFE is being supported by a new advertising campaign which presents the VIVA CAFE world in a striking design. The focus is on the VIVA brand, consistently presented with the product offers and images of modern coffee worlds.

The introduction of VIVA CAFE represents a clear step in further developing OMV VIVA’s leading role in offering quality on the petrol station market – in line with the requirements of its many discerning coffee enthusiast customers, who love to daily visit our stations and enjoy a cup of coffee.

OMV Serbia d.o.o.
OMV entered the Serbian market in 2001. Headquartered in Belgrade, OMV Serbia currently has 61 filling stations and holds 10% market share in Serbia.

The OMV stations are multifunctional service centres - filling stations for people and vehicles. OMV customers are provided with fuels, lubricants and car wash services; in addition 56 VIVA shops offer snacks, refreshments and a broad range of additional services. OMV Serbia directly employs 44 people and has created more than 800 jobs via its network of filling stations.

OMV – a public limited company
With Group sales of EUR 36 bn and a workforce of around 25,500 employees in 2014, OMV Aktiengesellschaft is one of Austria’s largest listed industrial companies. In Upstream, OMV has a strong base in Romania and Austria and a balanced international portfolio. 2014 daily production stood at approximately 309,000 boe/d. In Downstream, OMV has an annual refining capacity of 17.4 mn tonnes and approximately 4,100 filling stations in 11 countries as of end of 2014. OMV operates a gas pipeline network in Austria and gas storage facilities in Austria and Germany. In 2014, gas sales volumes amounted to 123 TWh.

About VIVA 
Since 1994 OMV, the refuelling station for people and cars, has been offering its customers more than just fuel. The shop and gastronomy sector as well as the service offering at OMV stations have been continually expanded in line with the wishes and requirements of its customers. VIVA has established a new petrol station culture which makes visiting a petrol station a pleasant break from hectic everyday life, characterised by a high quality ambience, top quality product range and service-oriented personnel.