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Vignettes for Bulgaria are now available at OMV filling stations in Serbia


In order to make the trip more pleasant for its customers, OMV Serbia has prepared as an additional service the possibility of buying vignettes for Bulgaria (BG vignette) at selected stations in Serbia even before crossing the border.

BG vignettes for category K3, for vehicles with a maximum weight up to 3.5 t, are now available at OMV Serbia filling stations: Lapovo Jug, Aleksinac, Doljevac, Zajecar i Gradina. There are daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually and weekend BG vignettes in the offer.

With the new additional service, customers who travel to Bulgaria can expect a benefit in the form of a Welcome coupon with discounts, which provides benefits for the next 6 purchases at OMV filling stations in Bulgaria.

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