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OMV CARISTAL - for optimum visibility!

OMV CARISTAL windshield cleaner with Nano-Effec

Drive safely with the windshield optimally cleaned, without any streaks!

OMV CARISTAL windshield cleaner removes stains, dust and insects without any effort. Its nanotechnology and special additives delay the formation of dirt. In addition, the integrated antistatic agent keeps your car windows clean.

OMV CARISTAL windshield cleaner with lemon scent is a mix ready for use and is available at 3L pack in OMV filling stations. Moreover, in order to minimize waste, it is environmentally friendly.

OMV CARISTAL Antifreeze windshield cleaner

During the difficult winter time, safety often depends on perfectly cleaned windshield!

OMV CARISTAL Antifreeze windshield cleaner removes easily ice streaks, dust and insects, as well as oil and silicone residue. Its special formula of additives ensures the proper functioning of the spray nozzles and delays the formation of ice.
Free of poisonous methanol, OMV CARISTAL Antifreeze windshield cleaner is suitable for vehicles with polycarbonate lenses and fan nozzles and is harmless to paint, chrome, rubber and plastic products.
The readymade mix of OMV CARISTAL windshield cleaners with lime fragrance is available on OMV filling stations with an environmentally friendly 2L packs (resistant at temperatures of up to -60°C) and 3L packs (resistant at temperatures of up to -25°C).
All users of Super Kartica loyalty card are entitled to 20% discount on OMV CARISTAL windshield cleaner.

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