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Carelessly enter the new holiday season!

GRAWE Serbia insurance company and OMV Serbia have prepared especially for OMV SAVE&DRIVE members 15% discount on all individual and family travel insurance packages. These insurances could also be purchased on a Grawe web shop.

Requirement for realization of individual policy is that beneficiary of the policy is no more than 75 years old. While for family policies, it is understood that insurance is meant for two adults who do not have to be married or in a blood relationship, and that they travel with up to five minors who also do not have to be related. 

When purchasing travel insurance, you need to enter the ID number from the back of your OMV SAVE & DRIVE card and by clicking on the "next step" you will be charged with your discount and the amount of the policy will be reduced by 15% from its total value. 

More info can be found on this link.