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LPG Liquefied petroleum gas

From canned soup to public transit-buses

On camping sites they warm up thousand of cans of soup and let the engines of all 500 buses of the Vienna bus lines purr in Vienna: The OMV liquefied natural gases propane and butane. They are exceptionally environmentally friendly and are used with increasing frequency in the household, commerce and industry.

Hydrocarbons usually exist in gaseous form. They can be liquefied at room temperature, however, under low pressure, so that they only take up a small fraction (1/260) of their volume as a gas. The propane and butane produced in the Schwechat refinery is stored in the typical spherical pressurized containers that can be seen from a great distance.

OMV supplies the gas in road tankers and train tank cars, including to well-known wholesalers in Austria. These then supply the end user.