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Coffee roasted in a traditional Italian roastery

Exactly 60 coffee beans are needed to make the perfect mocha, or so it is said that Ludwig van Beethoven calculated.

A refreshing cup of coffee is a moment of pleasure in our dynamic everyday life and we all appreciate greatly these little important moments of the day.

In order to be able to offer you the best cup of coffee and a perfect experience, the VIVA CAFE team has been working with barista professionals for more than half a year to develop the new VIVA blend. The result is VIVA CAFÉ coffee, roasted in one of the best roasteries in Italy.

Each coffee has specific criteria for quality. How it is grown and transported are essential factors, but also how the grains are processed afterwards. Espresso is the foundation of many recipes for roasting and preparing beans. Therefore, all process parameters are important, for example the quantity and quality of water, the amount of coffee, the pressure under which the beverage is extracted, the time and temperature of brewing. The cream of the Italian "Caffè" - our espresso - is also a very important indicator of quality. If you can run a small spoon on the surface of the cream without it disappearing, then it is as it should be. The smooth, hazelnut-colored foam on the surface is an invariable feature of this popular hot beverage, says Marcus Erkinger, International Gastronomy Manager and Barista. Each type of coffee requires different preparation. Whether the drink is just coffee, espresso or a classic cappuccino with fine milk foam - each is a feast for the senses.


"Developing a coffee blend that tastes equally delicious in all its forms of preparations was the great challenge we struggled with when creating VIVA CAFE," said Alberto Pipan, quality manager at the Italian coffee roaster Gimoka.

VIVA CAFE comes from this renowned traditional roastery on the shores of Lake Como, where coffee is brewed with care and dedication for over 30 years.

Alberto Pipan helps to develop coffee proposals for OMV filling stations and what it takes to make really good coffee: "The combination of the cream, density and aroma with a scent of chocolate with the secret weapons of VIVA CAFE".

After the composition of the blend for VIVA CAFE experiments were performed for more than six months. During this time, blind tastings, consultations with experienced baristas and finally tests with clients are held many times. The details were as important as they were for Beethoven. "Sometimes we just sat and counted the coffee beans. That's how we came to the decision that the blend should contain 80% Arabica." As a final result, grains from Brazil, Central America and Asia were selected.

High-quality beans are roasted gently and carefully to produce a unique coffee beverage with a balanced aroma and delicious cream.