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Best roasted coffee in Italy at all OMV VIVA filling stations New VIVA CAFÉ coffee


The perfect coffee enjoyment at OMV filling stations

Fulfilling the wishes and needs of our guests are the main goal for us. It is important to continuously develop our products and offer guests superior service and complete coffee enjoyment. Contemporary coffee lover have a clear idea of what it is quality coffee, and the price of a pleasant environment cafés.

A good cup of coffee symbolizes a moment of pleasure in everyday life. At OMV VIVA filling stations we especially appreciate these moments that accompany us throughout the day. We have invested in the quality of the VIVA CAFE coffee many years with the aim to always be able to offer our guests only the best coffee in pleasant surroundings.

New: roasted in Italy

New VIVA CAFÉ coffee comes from the famous Italian coffee roasters Gimoka near Lake Como. Specially selected coffee experts and team VIVA CAFE researched there for six months to prepare a new blend of coffee. From the best roasted coffee in Italy we have created VIVA CAFE. The coffee beans are carefully selected and gently roasted, to give a rich and intense aroma of the coffee with the best cream.

A rich selection and ongoing training of VIVA CAFÉ

New VIVA CAFÉ coffee is available exclusively in our OMV filling station network. Team VIVA CAFE carefully prepares a wide variety of coffee specialties of excellent taste: Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte macchiato and many others. Of course, you can also order all of them to take away with you.

VIVA Coffee CAFE is an important step forward in developing a leading role for OMV VIVA brand when it comes to quality offered in the market of filling stations - and this is in line with our wishes for many knowledgeable fans of coffee to visit a petrol station with pleasure every day and enjoy a cup of coffee.