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Discover our delicious renewed VIVA Classic coffee range!

Start your day with a refreshing cup of VIVA coffee! 

Fulfilling the wishes and needs of our guests is our main goal. It is important to continuously develop our products and offer superior service to provide a complete coffee experience to our guests. A contemporary coffee lover understands what makes a quality coffee and appreciates the inviting atmospheres of cafés.

A good cup of coffee symbolizes a moment of pleasure in everyday life. At OMV VIVA filling stations we especially cherish these moments that accompany us throughout the day. For years, we have had invested in the quality of our VIVA coffee in order to provide our guests only the best coffee in an ideal environment. The new VIVA Classic coffee is tailor-made for these moments.

Discover our delicious new Classic coffee selection

With a hint of hazelnut, rich fruit aromas and a silky chocolate finish, our all-new Classic Selection is a coffee to go the extra stop for. Even better, as a Direct Trade product, it’s a coffee to make you feel ‘mmm good’ in every way.

The Direct Trade difference

Delivering full transparency down the retail chain, Direct Trade means we are able to share with you exactly where our coffee comes from, how it was grown, what methods were used to process it and why it tastes so good. It also allows us to build closer relationships with the farmers, ensuring they receive fair payment, well above the market rate.

For the new Classic Selection, to create the perfect harmony of aromas, we carefully selected farmers from both India and Brazil. From there, we worked with perhaps the world’s most prestigious coffee roaster, Gimoka, resulting in a coffee that triumphed in taste tests with you our Viva customers.

Today, we’re incredibly proud to be brewing our new coffee for you. We hope you love it just as much as we do!