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Buy vignettes for Bulgaria and take advantage of the offer of numerous services at OMV gas stations in Serbia

Anyone planning a trip through, or to Bulgaria, can purchase a vignette for Bulgaria at 9 OMV gas stations in Serbia!​

BG Vignettes are available at OMV Serbia gas stations: Martinci 1, Bačka Topola 1, Beška 1, Lapovo Jug, Doljevac, Zaječar, Boljevac, Aleksinac and Gradina. 

Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual and weekend vignettes of category K3 are available for vehicles with a maximum weight of no more than 3.5 tons.

In addition to the vignette for Bulgaria, numerous services are available at OMV gas stations throughout Serbia, such as TAG devices and refills (at selected stations), currency exchange, ticket sales service for events, collection and delivery of parcels, gift cards and AMSS membership cards... Of course, it is best when "travel duties" are carried out in a pleasant atmosphere and a break with 100% arabica coffee of unique geographical origin and top quality, refreshments with VIVA fresh juices and snacks from the great offer of freshly prepared sandwiches that await all travelers at VIVA restaurants at OMV gas stations.