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Charger for electric vehicles available at OMV filling station Lapovo sever

The first electric charger at the OMV gas station in Serbia is available now
More charging stations at OMV petrol stations soon

OMV and charge & GO have improved the network and availability of chargers for electric vehicles in our country, so now the electric charger is available to users of electric vehicles at the OMV pump Lapov sever.

It is a Unity 120 charger from the Austrian manufacturer Kostad Siemens, which has an output power of 120 KW. This charger can charge two cars at the same time with a power of 60 kW, and supports the CCS standard of DC charging used in Europe and operates at temperatures ranging from -30 ° to + 55 ° C.

- The needs of our customers are changing, and OMV is following new trends in mobility with a diverse offer at our stations. The plan is to enable, through partnership cooperation, highways in Serbia to get even more charging points for electric vehicles, which will facilitate travel for domestic owners, while drivers of electric cars in transit through Serbia will also have a place to replenish their vehicles - said Decebal Sorin Tudor, General Manager of OMV Serbia.

With more chargers, the need for information about their location and availability is growing. Appropriate digital solutions have been developed for this purpose; in this case, users have access to a digital platform and a charge & GO application that makes it easier to use the charging point for electric vehicles.

Electric recharger at filling station Lapovo Sever
Electric recharger at filling station Lapovo Sever