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Chargers for electric vehicles introduction in the OMV Serbia network

OMV Srbija and Charge & GO - partners in electromobility

OMV and Charge & GO have joined forces to improve the network and availability of chargers for electric vehicles in our country, so you can expect that electric chargers will become available at selected OMV gas stations in Serbia. Thanks to the cooperation between the two companies, highways in Serbia will also get more charging points, which will make travel easier for domestic EV owners, while drivers of electric cars in transit through Serbia will also have a place to recharge their vehicles while taking a break to rest and refresh.

“We believe the future of mobility means a diversified offer in our stations that should respond to changing needs of our customers. This offer should include electromobility and we entered a partnership with “Charge & GO” for installing chargers for electric vehicles in the OMV stations” says the Retail Manager in OMV Serbia, Nikola Bozalo.

With more chargers, the need for information about their location and availability is growing. In order for drivers to be able to access the chargers in the network, a digital platform and a Charge & GO application are available too. This platform facilitates the use of charging points for electric vehicles and drivers in Serbia are already using it, and it will soon be available to electric vehicle drivers in the region as well.

OMV and sustainability

OMV produces and markets oil and gas, as well as chemical products and solutions in a responsible way and develops innovative solutions for a circular economy. With Group sales revenues of EUR 17 bn and a workforce of around 25,000 employees in 2020 (incl. Borealis), OMV is one of Austria’s largest listed industrial companies. At the heart of OMV's corporate strategy is sustainable business. OMV has pledged to support the Paris Agreement targets and key climate targets set by the EU Council for 2030.

OMV's specific climate goals are: zero greenhouse gas emissions from operations by 2050 or sooner, a leading position in the circular plastics economy (thanks to innovative solutions such as ReOil®) and at least 60 percent of the low-content product portfolio; and without carbon.

The company will achieve these goals thanks to the increased use of crude oil for petrochemical products, a higher share of gas in the product portfolio, hydrogen solutions for mobility and industry, e-mobility solutions and the delivery of advanced biofuels.

What is charge & GO?

The Charge & GO company has developed the first regional digital platform and application that enables fast and easy charging of electric vehicles. The platform provides drivers of electric vehicles with an efficient charging service and payment for the use of charging points, as well as the possibility for companies to remotely manage their network, which includes numerous services such as charging control, charger monitoring, pricing, usage restriction and review of charging sessions.

Thanks to the cooperation with the Finnish platform „Virta“, the fastest growing platform for charging electric vehicles in Europe, the users of the Charge & GO platform have access to more than 170,000 chargers in 30 countries around the world, which form a global partner network.