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Great benefits for Super Kartica holders on OMV filling stations

Possible to collect up to 10 points/l of gasoline during each refuelling

OMV Serbia organized special promotion only for Super Kartica users in the period from 15th May to 31st May 2020. For each refuelling they will get more points per litre, so with just one tank filling, it is possible to reach the reward threshold, as it is possible to get up to 10 points per litre.

For example, if someone fills up with 20 litres of OMV MaxxMotion Super 95 or OMV MaxxMotion Super 100plus fuel, they will get as many as 200 points and reach the reward threshold.

During the promotion for the following gasoline purchases, points are calculated as follows: 

  • OMV standard gasoline– 5 points/l
  • OMV MaxxMotion Super 95 – 10 points/l
  • OMV MaxxMotion Super 100 Plus – 10 points/l

During the promotion, Super Kartica holders can expect even more benefits, and so the price of Caristal windscreen cleaning liquid has been reduced by 30%. 

At filling stations that have Jet wash: 1 + 1 token for washing free of charge, while at filling stations with automatic car wash a 30% discount on the Top Wash car wash program is provided

The Super Kartica also enables savings of up to 15% on the range of snacks, drinks and beverages. The price of specially marked items in OMV VIVA shops will be automatically reduced when the cashier scans the consumer’s Super Kartica.

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