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More OMV filling stations shall receive fast electric chargers

EasyPark is OMV's new partner in electromobility

OMV continues to expand its network of electric rechargers at its filling stations in Serbia. The new partnership with EasyPark will further improve the network and the availability of rechargers for electric vehicles in our country, so that by the summer, fast DC rechargers will be available at selected OMV filling stations in Serbia.

Highways in Serbia will get even more filling stations equipped with top HYPERCHARGER DC chargers, which will facilitate travel for domestic owners of electric vehicles, and drivers in transit through Serbia will be able to recharge their vehicles while taking a break at OMV filling stations.

Electric recharger ilustration
Electric recharger ilustration

The time it takes to recharge an electric vehicle battery varies depending on the battery configuration and the technological compatibility of the vehicle with the charging solution, but the purpose of these chargers is certainly to enable electric vehicle drivers to return to the road as soon as possible. 

 "Through the new partnership, we are contributing to the development of the national recharging infrastructure, but we are also additionally enabling the transit of electric cars through Serbia. A diverse offer at our stations is a condition for modern mobility. This offer should respond to the changing needs of our customers and include electromobility, and with that purpose we have established another partnership with the international company EasyPark", says Decebal Sorin Tudor, CEO of OMV in Serbia.

With as many chargers as possible, consumers' need for information about their location and availability is growing. To make it easier for drivers to access the chargers, they have at their disposal a digital EVC CLOUD platform, EasyPark and Orion e-mobility mobile applications and numerous digital services that will be available to drivers.

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About EasyPark

The EASYPARK and ORION e-MOBILITY applications help drivers all over the world and the region of Southeast Europe to save time and money and get a top service of parking and charging electric cars. With the use of technology, we break down barriers and help to improve the experience of modern drivers. Our goal is to create a unique and complete experience in which the offer of parking and charging services for electric cars and driver requirements are balanced thanks to prediction technology that connects the needs of drivers with free parking spaces and e-chargers. The Orion telecom eMobility platform provides access to the charging infrastructure in 30+ countries in Europe. Orion telekom eMobility is a real-time mobile platform that provides overview and access to more than 240,000 own and partner charging stations in as many as 30 EU countries, including Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia and Albania. With the help of the application, which has a built-in interactive map, you get information about the nearest electronic charging station with precise data on the number of connections and their energy power, occupancy of each connection and charging fees. You can activate the e-charger using the app or RFID card and pay a fee using one of your favorite payment cards.