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New coffee at OMV stations: VIVA Classic Selection – coffee to go extra stop for

  • Our new coffee blend is 80% Arabica and 20% Robusta, grown by best coffee growers from Brazil and India. The coffee is roasted by Gimoka, one of the worlds’ most renowned coffee roasteries.
  • Full flavor with its dried fruit and milk chocolate aroma, makes low acidity and bitterness coffee, with a full creamy body and a flavour that persists... 

With its hazelnut crema and dried fruit aroma, silky chocolate finish and full body, our new VIVA Classic Selection coffee is the coffee to go extra stop for.
The growers of our new coffee are among the best in industry, and the taste is incredible... The beans in our VIVA Classic Selection blend are lightly roasted, resulting in a milder taste with less bitterness and more prominent notes of dried fruit and milk chocolate. This blend consists of Arabica from Brazil (80%) and Robusta from India (20%), offering an irresistible aroma and taste that lingers until the next break at the OMV station.

The Direct Trade difference

As a Direct Trade product, it’s a coffee to make you feel “mmm“ good in every way. Delivering full transparency down the retail chain, Direct Trade means we’re able to share with you exactly where our coffee comes from, how it was grown, what methods were used to process it and why it tastes so good. It also allows us to build closer relationships with the farmers, ensuring they receive fair payment, well above the market rate.

For the new Classic Selection, to create the perfect harmony of aromas, we carefully selected farmers from both India and Brazil. From there, we worked with perhaps the world’s most prestigious coffee roaster, Gimoka, resulting in a coffee that triumphed in taste tests with you our Viva customers.
Today, we’re incredibly proud to be brewing our new coffee for you. We hope you love it just as much as we do!  VIVA the day with our new VIVA Classic Selection coffee.