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OMV confirms its leading position on the Serbian market with OMV MaxxMotion Super 100plus

  • Customers’ very high acceptance of the recently introduced OMV MaxxMotion Super 100plus  
  • Through its unbeatable quality of MaxxMotion fuels and high confidence of customers OMV Serbia further consolidates its #1 position on the Serbian market of the fuels with additives

With the end of summer season, the most remarkable impression from the OMV Serbia stations is that customers have demonstrated unequivocal confidence in the OMV MaxxMotion performance fuels. This particularly applies to the unique and recently introduced OMV MaxxMotion Super 100plus. From the moment of introduction of first fuel with additives to the market of Serbia until today, when it offers its consumers an unbeatable level of quality, OMV Serbia has consistently been confirming its leading position. This was primarily reflected with the offer of quality fuels, as well as in the leading the way in introduction of innovations at the oil products retail market. All performance fuels offered by OMV Serbia (OMV MaxxMotion Diesel, OMV MaxxMotion Super 95 and OMV MaxxMotion Super 100plus) are available throughout the entire network of OMV filling stations in Serbia.
With OMV MaxxMotion Super 100plus and with unbeatable quality of the new formulation of this 100-octane fuel, OMV has offered greater efficiency to costumers in Serbia, optimum functionality and improved performance for their vehicles. Innovative additives within the fuel prevent the creation of corrosion on the engine parts and the entire fuel system. This premium-quality gasoline plays a major role in preserving functionality and efficiency especially with modern vehicles and engines. Apart from the customers who gave their confidence to OMV, all of these facts were enough for the continuation of cooperation with the renowned car manufacturer Audi, as well as with the famous driver and triple world champion in the moto sport, Milos Pavlovic, who together recommended OMV MaxxMotion Super 100plus as fuels of maximum power and protection.
"We share the undivided enthusiasm of our consumers for the benefits of the unbeatable quality of this fuel. After offering our best diesel OMV MaxxMotion -38oC CFPP value in last winter, it was the time to also prove our fuels quality leadership by offering our best 100 octane gasoline OMV MaxxMotion Super 100plus. We were very pleased to learn about our customers’ enthusiasm in buying OMV unbeatable quality, Super 100plus since we introduced it", says Decebal Tudor, Retail Manager in OMV Serbia and continues: 
"It is truly unique on the market because it meets the needs of cutting-edge technology requirements in production of vehicle engines and is in line with the highest standards defined by the world's leading automotive industry associations."
"OMV MaxxMotion Super 100plus delivered the PLUS benefits to our customers and we were glad to remark their very high acceptance in the last months! OMV MaxxMotion Super100plus was developed as an optimized formulation of our 100 octane premium gasoline and, based on our big sales from the very first moment when we introduced it in Serbian market, we proudly recognised that our customers did not get it as a mere marketing trick or a simple addition to the old name, but they appreciatively acknowledged it as a PLUS value truthfully delivered to their cars!", concludes Tudor.  
By fulfilling the top-quality grades of automotive industry, OMV highlighted the leading role in the field of fuel technology research and its development. The advantages of the OMV MaxxMotion Super 100plus are achieved and can be felt from the first moment it is poured into the tank.
*OMV MaxxMotion 100plus fulfills the highest requirements (category 5) set by the WWFC- Worldwide fuel charter. The combustion efficiency is improved due to the high cetane- or octane- number and the cleaning effect of the fuel. Advantages are depending on the vehicle, driving behavior and technical state of the engine and refer to a comparison with fuels meeting the local minimum requirement (EN 228 in case of gasoline and EN 590 in case of diesel). 

Background information:

OMV Srbija d.o.o.
OMV je ušao na tržište Srbije 2001. Sa sedištem u Beogradu, OMV Srbija trenutno ima 61 benzinsku stanicu i  tržišno učešće oko 10% u Srbiji.
OMV benzinske stanice su multifunkcionalni servisni centri – benzinske stanice za ljude i vozila. OMV potrošači mogu da se snabdeju gorivima, mazivima i uslugom pranja automobila, a kao dodatak, 56 VIVA prodavnica nudi brze obroke, osveženja i širok asortiman dodatnih usluga. OMV Srbija direktno zapošljava 46 osoba, i kreirala je više od 800 radnih mesta putem svoje mreže benzinskih stanica.

OMV Aktiengesellschaft
OMV na odgovoran način proizvodi i plasira naftu i gas, invoativna energetska, kao i vrhunska petrohemijska rešenja. Sa prodajom grupacije od 19 milijardi evra i oko 22.500 zaposlenih u 2016. godini, OMV Aktiengesellschaft predstavlja jednu od najvećih industrijskih kompanija kotiranih na berzi u Austriji. U "Upstream" poslovnom segmentu ima snažnu bazu u Rumuniji i Austriji i balansiran međunarodni portfelj. Dnevna proizvodnja u 2016. je iznosila približno 311.000 barela dnevno (boe/d). U "Downstream"segmentu OMV je od juna 2017. imao godišnje kapacitete prerade od 17,8 miliona tona i više od 2.000 benzinskih stanica u 10 zemalja. OMV upravlja mrežom gasovoda u Austriji i postrojenjima za skladištenje gasa u Austriji i Nemačkoj. OMV je tokom 2016. prodao približno količinu gasa u vrednosti od 109 teravat časova (TWh).
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