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OMV MaxxMotion premium fuels with the unique ACTIVEFLOW™ technology

  • Forming a protective shield on metal components helps preventing corrosion in the fuel system
  • OMV customers can experience unsurpassed protection and prolong their engines lifetime

Corrosion, also known as rust, is a chemical reaction which leads to the gradual degradation of metal surfaces. Basically, many drivers are familiar with corrosion, but only very few know that this phenomenon can also affect their fuel system. In the engine corrosion can be caused by moisture or other contaminations that can enter the vehicles fuel system through the fuel tank. Consequently, corrosion can impact all metal components within the cars fuel system.

OMV MaxxMotion premium fuels help remedying negative impacts. They are designed with the unique ACTIVEFLOW™ technology which builds a protective layer on metal surfaces. As a result, OMV MaxxMotion premium fuels provide excellent protection against corrosion.

“Customers aim to keep their car in a good condition to keep it running longer. This protection can be experienced by our customers with an easy investment, every time filling the tank up. OMV MaxxMotion premium fuels with its exclusive ACTIVEFLOW™ technology supports the engine, give it unsurpassed protection and prolong its lifetime” says Decebal Sorin Tudor, CEO of OMV Serbia.

Stringent quality control ensures exceeding minimum requirements for OMV MaxxMotion premium fuels.

The OMV product development and innovation department takes permanently efforts to further improve MaxxMotion performance fuels. To ensure that it is meeting the needs of modern high-performance engine requirements and to offer customers a state-of-the-art product, OMV does its utmost to secure the highest quality assurance.

As one of the leaders in fuels technology, OMV works closely with the automotive industry to constantly innovate and produce the best fuel formulations for all vehicles exceeding minimum requirements. To keep our claimed promises, benefits of OMV MaxxMotion premium fuels are based on chemical lab analysis or engine tests, which are performed on test benches of external independent laboratories. On top of that all test results are reassured by the service company TÜV AUSTRIA Automotive and marked with the TÜV AUSTRIA Automotive quality seal.