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OMV operates in accordance with the highest industry standards

OMV has been operating in Serbia for twenty years, and those two decades have been marked by constant growth and development, expansion of services and product range, in order to meet the needs of consumers who are constantly changing and growing.

Innovations, such as electric chargers in our network of stations, the highest standards of our OMV MaxxMotion fuels, which bring greater efficiency, lower emissions, continuous fuel quality control, are part of the identity that OMV has built in Serbia and by which customers recognize us.

Despite the highest standards, it occurs that the quality and reliability of OMV fuel can be falsely called into question, as was the case in Consumer Protector, insertion to the daily newspaper Informer, which published false claims about the reliability of winter MaxxMotion diesel. Repeated analyzes in independent laboratories confirmed the quality of the product and its reliability at low temperatures, and the Press Council, an independent body that brings together publishers, print and online media owners and professional journalists, found that several articles of the journalists’ code were violated, which is why this body issued a public remonstrance  to the stated newspaper.

Customer service, quality and superior offer are what consumers recognize, as they recognize the company's commitment to the community in which it operates, helping those in need, protecting environment, providing fair and dignified attitude towards employees, partners and customers. This remains OMV's mission for the next 20 years.