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OMV Serbia - 20 years of successful operations on the Serbian market

  • More than a filling station - OMV was the first company to introduce the multifunctional filling station concept on the Serbian market
  • OMV invests for 20 years in the development of the Serbian network, creating partnerships and jobs
  • 20 years in Serbia were followed with OMV being part of numerous charity and relevant projects for the society and the environment

20 years ago, first OMV filling station in Serbia, Lapovo Sever, was opened. During two decades, OMV opened as many as 63 filling stations, created numerous workplaces through its network of filling stations and achieved a market share of about 10%.

"I am very proud to be a part of the history and the development of OMV Serbia, and with great pleasure can point out that OMV in Serbia continues to raise the standard in all business segments. Our priority is to quickly adapt and successfully respond to the customer’s needs, which are constantly changing and growing.

Most of our consumers choose OMV due to the quality of the fuel, services, commitment of our staff and our diversified offer. 20 years ago, we brought on the Serbian market a new business concept and a new vision of a filling station, and for two decades, we have been dedicated to constant development and innovation to provide the highest quality products and services”, said Decebal Sorin Tudor, CEO of OMV Serbia.


  • OMV filling stations as multifunctional service centers

OMV filling stations are multifunctional service centers - filling stations for people and vehicles. Our consumers can be supplied with fuels, lubricants, and car wash service, and in addition, there are 58 VIVA stores and restaurants that offer quality breaks, refreshments, meals, and a wide range of high-quality coffee. We are especially proud of the expansion of the range of coffee to Single origin - coffee of unique geographical origin, 100% Arabica whose quality is recognized by those with the most refined taste. In addition, since 2012, OMV, as a partner of Fair Trade, has introduced the Fair-Trade standard at its service stations in all countries in which it operates. Each cup of VIVA coffee is made from "Fair trade" coffee beans.

OMV set, 20 years ago new trends on the Serbian fuel market and, since then, it has only continued to improve its offer. OMV was the first in Serbia to import and offer 100 octane fuels on the market - from its refinery in Austria. And today, OMV MaxxMotion Performance Diesel is only diesel on Serbian market reliable up to -38oC and OMV MaxxMotion 100plus petrol meets the highest quality requirements of the World Fuel Charter (WWFC), category 6, which enables maximum engine efficiency and minimum exhaust emissions

OMV offers comfort to its customers, a wide range of offers and above all, quality, whether it is the use of Wi-Fi, car wash, ATMs, payment transactions, collection and delivery of shipments, purchase of tickets for concerts and sporting events or floral and gift arrangements, TAG devices or top-ups, gift cards or AMSS membership cards.

In order to expand its services by monitoring consumer needs and trends, OMV Serbia will, in cooperation with partners, provide a larger number of places for e-chargers for electric vehicles in 2022 as well.


  • Tradition in supporting social initiatives, climate protection and CO2 reduction projects

Since the beginning of its business in Serbia, OMV Serbia has placed a strong focus on supporting social initiatives and projects. "Energy for a better life" is our motto when it comes to all business segments, including social responsibility and sustainable business. As part of its corporate social policy, OMV Serbia supports a number of charitable organizations, such as the SOS Children's Villages Foundation, Caritas and is involved in a large number of humanitarian actions.

Climate protection and CO2 reduction are at the top of OMV's agenda in Serbia. Accordingly, OMV Serbia has been a long-term active participant in various actions for the preservation of green areas, afforestation, and neutralization of CO2 emissions. Supporting the local community is an important part of our activities and engaging our resources.


  • The strength of teamwork and good business cooperation

A significant business segment is represented by numerous associates, partners and clients: small, medium and large companies with which OMV has successful cooperation and contributes to the general picture of the economy in Serbia.

- We thank everyone who trusted and supported us during the past 20 years. We hope that in the next 20 years, your travels will continue to start at our OMV gas stations - says Decebal Sorin Tudor, Executive Director of OMV Serbia.