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OMV VIVA Iced Coffee to unveil new Café Caramel flavour this summer

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Following the successful launch of VIVA Iced Coffee with the Cappuccino and Caffè Latte varieties in May 2019, OMV is unveiling a new flavour: Starting in the summer of 2020, the VIVA Iced Coffee product line will be expanded to include Café Caramel.

VIVA Iced Coffee Café Caramel – along with the Cappuccino and Caffè Latte varieties – combines 100% premium Arabica coffee and top-quality milk. At the same time, VIVA Iced Coffee does not contain any artificial flavours or preservatives.

Rounded off with a delicious caramel flavour, the new, limited edition VIVA Iced Coffee Café Caramel not only sweetens your day while on the go in the car, but also provides a refreshing break and will be available at all OMV filling station shops starting this summer.

The four pillars of top quality, freshness, a pleasant atmosphere, and excellent service have been the cornerstone for VIVA’s success since 1994. These criteria also characterise the VIVA private label products, which provide filling station customers with delicious and refreshing options for when they are on the go. In order to better meet the needs of mobile consumers, VIVA works to continuously optimise its product range with a focus on premium quality, freshness, and convenience.

“Following our representative customer taste test of various iced coffee products last year, VIVA Iced Coffee emerged as the victor, laying the foundation for the launch of our Iced Coffee Cappuccino and Caffè Latte products. The dialogue with our consumers is a central aspect of our product development process. With the new Café Caramel variety, we want to surprise our customers with a new flavour that provides sumptuous moments of enjoyment on the go,” said OMV Serbia Retail Manager Nikola Bozalo.

Featuring a modern brand design and product image, the reclosable 250 g bottles stand out thanks to their distinctive design and the large “V”, which is also the central identifying feature of the VIVA brand.