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The first solar power plant at OMV gas stations

  • OMV continues to invest in green technologies
  • Terra Solar is OMV's partner in building the infrastructure of solar power plants
  • The next "green" gas station - Krnjača 1               

After introduction of first electric recharger at Lapovo Sever, OMV Serbia continues to invest in green technologies and reduce harmful emissions.

First solar power plant with a total installed capacity of 65 kWp was installed on the roof of the OMV Ražanj gas station and started working in April. The solar power plant consists of 158 single-crystal 410W PV panels that will produce 72,000 kWh of clean electricity each year and compensate 23% of the total consumption of the facility.

„OMV is committed to preserving the environment and reducing the carbon footprint in all its business segments, so the project of developing solar power plants for our own needs is a logical response to the growing need to reduce emissions of harmful gases into the air. In cooperation with our partner company Terra Solar, we have launched this project, and the plan is to continuously increase the number of our stations equipped with solar panels in the period ahead”, says Decebal Sorin Tudor, CEO of OMV in Serbia.

The reduction of conventional energy consumption by OMV and Terra Solar continues with the further opening of green gas stations, and the first next to be supplied with green energy is OMV Krnjača 1.

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