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The New Year's OMV Christmas tree is full of love - This year, as in the years past, we are participating in the humanitarian competition

The company OMV Serbia is participating in the humanitarian competition for the most beautiful New Year's tree organized by the Hyatt Regency hotel in Belgrade.
The amount collected from participation in this event, now 26th in a row, traditional competition "The most beautifully decorated New Year's tree" will be donated to the BELhospice center, which will use the money to provide free palliative care services to children with life-limiting diseases in their homes.

The theme of the competition is "Let's bring love and joy this Christmas", and this year we decorated our Christmas tree in cooperation with the humanitarian organization "Dečje srce". This organization has existed for 19 years, and its goal is to provide support to people with developmental disabilities and their families.

The decorations for our Christmas tree, which are in the shape of a heart - a symbol of love, are decorated with drawings of the members of this association and their heartfelt messages. Immense love that the association "Dečje srce" provides to its residents, and the enormous love that they constantly send to all others, we wanted to pass on through this humanitarian event for the most beautiful New Year's tree.