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Unbeatable quality with winter OMV MaxxMotion Diesel

  • OMV offers unbeatable quality now with improved performances of winter OMV MaxxMotion Diesel
  • Maximal protection for customers in Serbia with winter OMV MaxxMotion Diesel now even up to -38o C*
  • German high-class manufacturer, Audi, recommends use of winter OMV MaxxMotion Diesel

Unbeatable quality of winter OMV MaxxMotion Diesel is incorporated in its special formula and now has even better performances with which it stands out, even at very low temperatures of up to -38°C*. This premium OMV MaxxMotion Diesel improves performance and prolongs life of the engine, which is why the OMV recommends it for use in all winter conditions. OMV MaxxMotion premium class of fuels is available to consumers in Serbia since 2013. OMV is constantly improving performances of winter OMV MaxxMotion Diesel which offers to its consumers a better performance on the road, protection of the engine and more mileage.

With winter OMV MaxxMotion Diesel outstanding engine performances are stepping forward in all winter conditions and are something what the owners of vehicles with diesel engines are now looking for. Winter OMV MaxxMotion Diesel with its formula and characteristics provides all the necessary attention to motorists and their vehicles, so that they could devote themselves to reliable driving and to ensure optimum engine start. Winter OMV MaxxMotion Diesel is a high-quality fuel, developed by OMV innovation team from Austria and has a Cold Filter Plugging Point (CFPP) up to -38°C*. Its innovative formula provides engine cleanliness and removes existing deposits and fouling, enabling not only extremely clean combustion, but also lower emissions.

"OMV Serbia has always had its focus on fuel quality, so that is the case with winter OMV MaxxMotion Diesel -38°C*, which is proof of highest quality. In previous years we have managed continuously to improve our winter OMV MaxxMotion Diesel, and were the unique on the market that has proved its leading position by managing to offer unbeatable quality of winter OMV MaxxMotion Diesel", says OMV Serbia Retail Manager Decebal Tudor.

OMV has continued its longtime cooperation with German high-end carmaker, Audi, which just because of all its characteristics, recommends the use of all OMV MaxxMotion fuels, and thereof its variant, winter OMV MaxxMotion Diesel.

Background information:

OMV Serbia d.o.o.
OMV entered the Serbian market in 2001. Headquartered in Belgrade, OMV Serbia currently has 61 filling stations and holds around 10% market share in Serbia.

The OMV stations are multifunctional service centres - filling stations for people and vehicles. OMV customers are provided with fuels, lubricants and car wash services; in addition 56 VIVA shops offer snacks, refreshments and a broad range of additional services. OMV Serbia directly employs 46 people and has created more than 800 jobs via its network of filling stations.

OMV Aktiengesellschaft
With Group sales of EUR 23 bn and a workforce of around 24,100 employees in 2015, OMV Aktiengesellschaft is one of Austria´s largest listed industrial companies. In Upstream, OMV focuses on three core regions – CEE (Romania, Austria), North Sea as well as Middle East and Africa – and selected development areas. 2015 daily production stood at approximately 303kboe/d. In Downstream, OMV has an annual refining capacity of 17.8 mn tonnes and approximately 3,800 filling stations in 11 countries as of end of 2015. OMV operates a gas pipeline network in Austria and gas storage facilities in Austria and Germany. In 2015, gas sales volumes amounted to 110 TWh.

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