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VIVA CAFÉ for the best OMV coffee experience

  • Finest Italian coffee result of OMV VIVA several year investment
  • Now is possible to enjoy in VIVA Café even at home in packages of 250g coffee bags
  • Coffee made with best beans and according to principles of social responsibility
  • OMV customers with Save&Drive cards have a 10% discount on all types of coffee

For so many years coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world and it has become an unavoidable part of modern gastronomy. When travelling, we need a short but stimulating dose of caffeine to awaken us. Thus, VIVA coffee is the right choice for all OMV’s customers, true coffee lovers. Available on all OMV filling stations with VIVA, it represents the Viennese tradition of drinking coffee in the highest quality ambience. With new coffee now come benefits for loyal OMV customers. Now it is possible to drink this coffee even at home, and regular customers will be delighted with discounts on all types of coffee.

OMV VIVA invites the car drivers and their passengers to take a break from life’s stress and savour the moment with excellently brewed coffee in a pleasant atmosphere. To ensure this optimal coffee experience, VIVA CAFÉ uses the best coffee beans and roast them carefully to create a unique and well-balanced coffee aroma with a very fine crema. VIVA CAFE experts then prepare the coffee, using the right settings on the coffee machine, the correct temperatures and just the right amount of steam to froth the milk.

"Today's coffee enthusiasts have discerning tastes, and they attach great importance to both origin and quality of the coffee beans. Our VIVA CAFE meets and exceeds these expectations. I’m glad that among 1.3 million customers at 1,400 OMV filling stations in 9 European countries which value and enjoy the VIVA coffee taste each day, are customers from Serbia," Klaus Jürgen Schneider, OMV Senior Vice President Retail sums up and adds interesting detail that on all OMV filling stations in total sell about 34 million cups of this exquisite coffee each year.

OMV VIVA has been investing in the quality of the VIVA coffee world for many years to always provide customers with the best coffee and the ideal coffee atmosphere. Delicious speciality coffees are carefully and freshly prepared by the VIVA CAFE team: espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato. Of course, all are available as coffee-to-go and for coffee lovers which want to enjoy also in at their homes VIVA CAFÉ is available in 250g-bags of whole beans. OMV consumers, participants of Save&Drive program, can obtain a 10% discount on all types of coffee by showing their Save & Drive cards, when buying coffee at OMV Serbia filling stations.

From now on OMV VIVA have also FAIRTRADE mark and our customers should know every time they enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee at OMV filling station, that it is produced according to principles of social responsibility and from the best beans with a FAIRTRADE certificate. The FAIRTRADE Mark stands for fair trade and fair collaboration with producer organizations in developing countries, which provide farmers with a better deal and improved terms of trade.

Background information:

OMV Serbia d.o.o.
OMV entered the Serbian market in 2001. Headquartered in Belgrade, OMV Serbia currently has 61 filling stations and holds around 10% market share in Serbia.

The OMV stations are multifunctional service centres - filling stations for people and vehicles. OMV customers are provided with fuels, lubricants and car wash services; in addition 56 VIVA shops offer snacks, refreshments and a broad range of additional services. OMV Serbia directly employs 46 people and has created more than 800 jobs via its network of filling stations.

OMV Aktiengesellschaft
With Group sales of EUR 23 bn and a workforce of around 24,100 employees in 2015, OMV Aktiengesellschaft is one of Austria´s largest listed industrial companies. In Upstream, OMV focuses on three core regions – CEE (Romania, Austria), North Sea as well as Middle East and Africa – and selected development areas. 2015 daily production stood at approximately 303kboe/d. In Downstream, OMV has an annual refining capacity of 17.8 mn tonnes and approximately 3,800 filling stations in 11 countries as of end of 2015. OMV operates a gas pipeline network in Austria and gas storage facilities in Austria and Germany. In 2015, gas sales volumes amounted to 110 TWh.

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