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VAT refund via your OMV card

An easy and reliable way to achieve additional liquidity

Your trucks are on the roads all over Europe. On their routes, they pay tolls, refuel at filling stations and buy goods and services in different countries. VAT is charged on every purchase or toll payment. This is money that actually belongs to your company but is unavailable for a while. The sooner it is paid into your account, the better your company's liquidity will be.

OMV helps you get your money back

The procedure for VAT refund is often complicated and long. In cooperation with OMV, REMOBIS – one of the leading service providers in Europe for VAT refunds – will relieve you of this burden. We offer fast VAT refunds and standard VAT refunds. 

By signing a contract and providing a set of required documents supported by REMOBIS, the only thing left to be done is submit your invoices. The verification, process and pre finance is done every 14 days by REMOBIS. Claim submission, follow up on payments, answering requests from the different tax authorities are entirely handled by our VAT refund partner.

The countries you can get refund and pre-financing from are: Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, France, Hungary, Italy (not pre-financed), Netherlands, Ireland, Luxembourg, Norway, Slovenia and Sweden. 

Here's how our offer benefits you:

•    It saves time by having someone else do the administrative work
•    It reliably provides VAT refunds every two weeks
•    Direct liquidity through pre financing
•    All-round service – tracking, submission and refunding of VAT claims by experienced tax experts from 35 countries
•    Communication in your native language
•    Better overview and liquidity control thanks to the eReporting online tool
•    24/7 access to REMOBIS online portal 

Three types of services that cover your needs

Monthly advance payment based on VAT refund

This is a quick way to recover. For fuel or toll invoices, VAT will be refunded in the same month of your application. This type of VAT refund guarantees constant liquidity. For all invoices that do not meet the conditions for advance payment, invoices can be submitted for regular VAT refund.

Regular return

REMOBIS will arrange for a VAT refund by submitting all eligible original invoices to the local tax authorities. Immediately upon receipt of the refund from the tax authorities, REMOBIS will transfer the money to your account.  

Sign up now

As an OMV cardholder, you can immediately apply for the VAT refund service via the application form. Your OMV Customer Manager will be happy to help you with this.