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OMV diesel fuels

We offer our customers OMV diesel fuels in the usual OMV quality.

Our resellers can choose between the two types of standard diesel and additive diesel:

  • Produced and tested in accordance with high OMV quality standards
  • Selective approach to using FAME
  • Proven Performance Additive Package

Perfect protection for your engines

You can significantly improve the profitability of your company through long and uninterrupted running times of your vehicles and machines: High-quality fuel protects motors and units against deposits. This is exactly what our high-performance products OMV Diesel Plus  can offer you.

Your challenge

Your vehicles, your machines are in operation every year between 3,000 and 8,000 hours. Fuel, maintenance and replacement of worn out engines also cost a lot because of the downtime involved. 

Our solution

Low-cost diesel only superficially lowers costs, but in the medium term, better fuel will clearly pay off for you thanks to lower fuel consumption and better engine protection. 

OMV Diesel Plus maximize engine efficiency by incorporating a performance additive package that eliminates deposits in the injection system (keep clean effect) and provides improved protection against wear and corrosion throughout the fuel system. This also means less consumption and lower emissions.

And our extra plus for you: even when refueling you gain time, because our anti-foam additive prevents too much foaming.

Your benefits at a glance

Our diesel fuels keep the fuel system clean, optimize engine performance and reduce both fuel consumption and emissions. The life of your engines increases, your maintenance costs are reduced, refueling stops are shortened - in short: They are more profitable on the road.

OMV Diesel Plus - Your plus in benefits

The advantages of our OMV Diesel Plus are based on a high-quality fuel composition in combination with the innovative performance additive package specially developed for OMV: